Experts announce reason behind flour price jump in Tajikistan

Flour prices in Tajikistan are rising due to the increase in global wheat prices.

Over the past two weeks, flour prices in the wholesale markets of Tajikistan have increased by 25-30 somoni, and the retail price of a bag of flour has reached 50 somoni. Local flour producers deny any connection with the increase in prices and say this is due to the increase in wheat prices in exporting countries, in particular Kazakhstan, ASIA-Plus reports.

Kazakhstan’s strong influence on the market is explained by that it is the main wheat and flour supplier to Tajikistan. As was reported, the exporting country had to raise the prices for these products due to bad weather conditions, which led to crop loss and the destruction of crops by saigas.

However, experts assure that, despite rising prices, Tajikistan is unlikely to be affected by the shortage of wheat and flour. This year, the forecast harvest in Tajikistan is 975,000 tonnes of wheat, and the anticipated demand is to be covered by imports.

«Over the eight months of 2023, 596,300 tonnes of wheat worth $163.4 million were imported into Tajikistan at an average price of $274 per tonne,» the customs statistical report of Tajikistan says.

02 10 2023, 10:03
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