Kyrgyzstan to receive $50 million to improve air quality

Funds to improve the environmental situation will be allocated by the International Development Association.

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov signed the law on the ratification of the agreement with the International Development Association on a $50 million allocation to the Republic. The loan will be spent on the projects aimed at improving air quality in the Republic, AkiPress reported.

Kyrgyz parliamentarians approved the draft law on the ratification of the agreement in April this year.

The project envisages the renovation of the chemical laboratory that will conduct air quality monitoring and the installation of irrigation systems in Bishkek that will maintain green areas in the city.

Measures will also be taken to improve the air quality management system and set up automated monitoring stations. Part of the funds will be used to support citizens who will switch to clean technologies to heat their homes.

18 05 2024, 14:13
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