Small nuclear power plant to start operating in Kyrgyzstan in 10 years

The Minister of Energy of Kyrgyzstan emphasised the need to strip away the fear of nuclear power among local populations.

Deputy Minister of Energy of Kyrgyzstan Talaibek Baygaziev said the construction of a small nuclear power plant (NPP) is crucial for the transition to eco-friendly energy in the Republic. He made this statement during the nuclear infrastructure workshop. According to Baygaziev, the country will have its own small nuclear power plant in about 10 years, Tazabek reported.

The Deputy Minister emphasised the need to train professionals before launching a nuclear power plant. 

He expressed concerns about the fear of any mention of the word «nuclear» among many citizens of the country. It is very important to explain to the people that nuclear power is safe, he added.

Baygaziev noted that there is no need to build large nuclear power plants in the country now. However, Kyrgyzstan’s needs for long-term resources will rise in the future.

The nuclear infrastructure workshop provided a platform to exchange experiences in the use of nuclear power and raise public awareness of the safety of this type of power. The participants discussed plans to develop nuclear power projects.

17 05 2024, 13:16
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