Kuwait helps make mountain highways in Tajikistan safer

The ceremony of signing an agreement between Tajikistan and Kuwait under the project aimed at increase transport connectivity between neighbouring countries in Central Asia (BRAMOM-4) took place in Dushanbe. The agreement provides for consultations on the design and quality control of construction work on safety barriers on the complex mountainous sections of highways, the press office of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic reports.

The document was signed by the customer and the contractor: Minister of Transport of Tajikistan Azim Ibrokhim and a representative of the consulting firm Ahmad Mahrus Ahamd Mohammad Aish.

The consulting firm is tasked to inspect the dangerous sections of highways of international and national significance to improve road safety in line with international standards. Quality construction work on safety barriers on the selected road sections will be achieved by developing a project, engineering reports and tender documentation.

The project envisages inspecting two routes. The first route runs from Dushanbe to the Kulma pass through Vakhdat and Kulyab. The second route stretches from Vahdat to the border with Kyrgyzstan.

31 10 2023, 07:44
Photo source: mintrans.tj

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