Uzbekistan to change coal pricing strategies for citizens

The authorised ministries and departments are given one month to develop the relevant proposals.

The Government of Uzbekistan is preparing to introduce a market coal pricing mechanism and abandon state regulation in this area. The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted the relevant resolution, reported.

The authorised ministries and authorities are working to develop new coal pricing strategies in the retail and wholesale segments. They have one month to report on the work done.

In Uzbekistan, coal is a socially important product for citizens, boiler stations and social institutions, and the prices for coal were therefore controlled by the Government. The special interagency tariff commission under the Cabinet of Ministers reviewed the prices of coal once a year or more often.

Last year, Uzbekistan’s coal imports surged to $204 million, which is nearly 68% higher than in 2022. In 2023, coal imports from Kazakhstan increased by 82,3%, reaching 3.1 million tons.

20 04 2024, 09:35
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