Severe floods and mudflows recorded in Tajikistan

The Commission of the Committee for Emergency Situations is conducting damage assessments in the disaster-stricken areas.

Tajikistan is coping with the severe devastation caused by floods and mudflows triggered by heavy rains, the press office of the Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defence of Tajikistan reported.

Rudaki district is facing the most detrimental impacts.

More than 200 buildings and farmlands fell into disrepair due to floods. According to statistics, the natural disasters hit the settlements of Mavj, Kishvarz, Turi, Tursunzade, Ikbol-2, Sharaf-2, Lolazor, Lokhur, Tubek and Hayoti Nav.

Celschay was another major settlement hit with the flood, although on a smaller scale. The water flooded 4 yards and adjacent areas. Vahdat town fell victim to prolonged rainfall, which caused mudflows blocking the Yangirkurgan Canal.

A working group led by First Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defence Colonel Khotamsho Latfizoda is now working to mitigate the detrimental impacts. They use 10 units of specialized engineering equipment and 8 motor pumps. Damage assessments in the disaster-stricken areas are being conducted.

18 04 2024, 07:37
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