Weather forecasters warn of new floods in Kazakhstan

To date, 34 states of emergency have been declared in 8 regions of the country.

The weather forecast in Kazakhstan, provided by Kazgidromet, promises unstable conditions throughout the country. Rain is forecast, in particular heavy rain in the south and southeast, and snowfall in the mountainous areas. Fog, strong wind, ice in the north and east, thunderstorms in the south and southeast and dust storms in the southwest are forecast, the Hydrometeorological Service of Kazakhstan reported.

Experts note that floods may occur on many rivers. In particular, hydrological storm warnings have been announced in Turkestan, Zhambyl, Almaty and North Kazakhstan Region. The water levels in some regions are forecast to rise sharply, which could lead to spills and flooding.

In particular, the water level on the Yesil River in Kyzylzhar district and Petropavlovsk is forecast to surge to critical levels on April 12-14, which could cause serious problems on floodplains and lead to ice drift.

To date, 34 states of emergency have been declared in 8 regions of the country.

13 04 2024, 08:53
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