President of Kyrgyzstan speaks out against Russian-language content blocking

Sadyr Japarov reassured that the Russian language is required for full-fledged work in the CIS Member States.

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov made a statement about the importance of the Russian and English languages for the Republic. He said these are the world languages and should continue to be studied in schools, Kabar reported.

Japarov said there is no need to block Internet contents in these languages in Kyrgyzstan. The President emphasised that the Russian language is required for work in the CIS Member States.

The President focused on the shortage of Russian language teachers, particularly in rural areas. Japarov asked the RF President for assistance in building 9 Russian-language schools to solve the problem of language teaching.

Earlier, Chairman of Parliament Nurlan Shakiyev expressed the idea of limiting access to Internet contents in the Russian and English languages for fear of losing the Kyrgyz language. He called on parliamentarians to use the Kyrgyz language more actively, fearing that the new generation will lose their native language in a few years.

13 04 2024, 08:50
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