Importers of new electric cars seek support from President of Uzbekistan

The new government order is ruining their business.

The electric car dealership owners and representatives in Uzbekistan addressed President of the Republic Shavkat Mirziyoyev. The entrepreneurs called on the President to support the free market and not to restrict imports of new cars, reports.

In 2023, imports of new cars were allowed not only through official dealers. This changed the market landscape, helping many companies import and sell cars at more affordable prices.

However, the new Resolution signed by the Prime Minister on March 25 bans customs clearance of a car if the certificate of conformity is issued to another person. These changes have not yet officially come into force, but hundreds of cars are already stuck at the borders.

The importers expressed dissatisfaction with the new regulatory framework, noting that it interferes in their business. For example, King Motors said cars are now stuck on the border with China and Kazakhstan due to restrictions, which leads to the termination of contracts with customers and brings multimillion-dollar losses. A representative of DAFex MOTORS warned these changes could lead to possible business closures and the loss of hundreds of jobs. Therefore, the entrepreneurs requested that the President reconsider the new regulations.

12 04 2024, 09:08
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