Akim in Kazakhstan reprimands authorities for flood disaster unpreparedness

Serik Shapkenov called for measures to be taken before ‘big water’ arrives.

Atyrau Region Akim Serik Shapkenov expressed his concern about the flood threat and called for urgent measures during the briefing at the Emergency Task Force of the Republic. He noted that the country is not prepared for floods, since the authorities, including himself, have been relaxed for over 30 years, Zakon.kz reports.

The official noted that over the past decades, Kazakhstan has got used to lower water levels in the rivers.

He emphasised the need to deepen the riverbeds, reinforce dams and clean canals, which has been neglected for a long time. Shapkenov called for measures to be taken before ‘big water’ arrives.

A state of emergency has been declared to effectively prepare for potential floods, and it is impossible to predict exactly where the flood will spread. Machines and equipment will be mobilized, and scientific surveys will be conducted. Akim assured the residents of the region that they will be immediately warned if the real threat rises.

Currently, specialists are conducting geodetic surveys of the Ural River to identify flood-prone areas and develop adequate measures of protection. The main task is to properly manage the flows of water and thwart the flood threat to local populations.

09 04 2024, 07:21
Photo source: primeminister.kz

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