There is no other way: Kazakhstan sees largest flood in recent years

The President urged to prepare for the worst.

A difficult situation is unfolding across Kazakhstan caused by the adverse effects of flooding. President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev compared the current state of affairs with 1994 and urged to prepare for the worst, the press office of the President of Kazakhstan reported.

Speaking at the emergency meeting, the President informed that he had visited the affected regions and seen the scale of the disaster and damage.

Noting that roads, bridges and buildings were damaged, Tokayev instructed the authorities to develop an action plan for the reconstruction of old houses and the construction of new ones, make every effort be resume the operation of public utilities and social infrastructure and control prices of essential consumer goods.

«It is a natural disaster. Much work is to be done. We must rally and cope with the elements together. There is no other way,» Tokayev noted.

The President emphasised the need to take preventive measures by the Republican Task Force and the Government in spring, summer and autumn. 

According to the forecasts, nothing good can be expected from the weather in the future, and it is better to prepare for the worst now, Tokayev said.

06 04 2024, 08:17
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