China and Kazakhstan discuss adopting water conservation technologies

The parties discussed creating a ‘green corridor’ to speed up the movement of Kazakh agricultural products via checkpoints.

The delegations of Kazakhstan and the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China held talks on cooperation on agriculture and water conservation technologies that can increase agricultural output by up to 70 percent, the press office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan reported. 

Kazakhstan and China are set to take complex measures to use water conservation technologies on 50 percent of irrigated lands throughout Kazakhstan. Currently, this figure is 16 percent. First Deputy Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bolat Bekniyaz said the policy documents to support water conservation implementation in agriculture and industry are in place, and the water conservation projects have been launched in several regions of Kazakhstan.

The Chinese side proposed using the technologies from Tianye that specialises in water saving irrigation. The representatives of the Chinese company expressed the willingness to share their experience, which helps farmers in China increase yield per hectare to 0.5 ton of cotton and 1 ton of corn.

29 03 2024, 08:38
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