Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bektenov makes entry in Book of Condolences after terror attack at Crocus City Hall

Speaker of the Senate Maulen Ashimbaev made an entry in the Book of Condolences and laid flowers to commemorate the victims.

On March 24, Chairman of the Government of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov visited the RF Embassy in Kazakhstan. The Prime Minister made an entry in the Book of Condolences, which was opened at the diplomatic mission after the terror attack at the Crocus City Hall near Moscow.

Speaker of the Senate of Kazakhstan Maulen Ashimbaev came to commemorate the victims on the same day, the RF Embassy reported. He made an entry in the Book of Condolences and laid flowers. The parliamentarian stressed that the Republic was shocked by the tragedy that occurred on March 22.

Citizens of Ust-Kamenogorsk came to the RF Consulate General with flowers and words of support.

A spontaneous memorial appeared near the RF Embassy in Astana. RF Ambassador Alexey Borodavkin addressed those presented.

«The solidarity, sympathy and compassion that you have showed confirm that the Russian people and the Kazakh people are brother nations. We will always be guided by this idea in foreign policy, enhance our brotherhood, reinforce our alliance and strengthen integration ties,» Alexey Borodavkin said.

26 03 2024, 07:28
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