Almaty demonstrates economic growth and steers course to polycentric development

This was reported to President Tokayev.

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev received Almaty Akim Erbolat Dosayev, who reported on the social and economic development of the region, the press office of Akorda reported. It was noted that in two months of 2024, Almaty’s economy demonstrated dynamic growth, and the short-term economic indicator grew by 1,7%.

Erbolat Dosayev emphasised that in accordance with the instructions given by the President last year, the measures are being taken to adopt new requirements on polycentric urban planning, improve seismic safety of housing and social facilities and end infill development.

Tokayev was informed about the measures being taken to improve seismic safety in the city: 183 facilities were inspected after the earthquake on January 23, 2024, and no serious damage was recorded.

The Almaty Akim announced a ‘reboot’ of the waste management system and a new integrated approach to the maintenance of courtyard areas and green spaces. Three-year service contracts have been concluded to improve the quality and increase financial stability of services provided.

Commenting on the report, the President instructed that further measures be taken to diversify the economy, improve seismic safety and modernise the water supply and sanitation networks in the city.

23 03 2024, 08:21
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