Kazakhstan ranks 49th among world’s happiest countries

The Happiness Index in the Republic has dropped compared to last year.

Experts of the World Happiness Report have released an annual ranking of the happiest countries in the world. Kazakhstan is on the list, ranking as the 2nd happiest country in the CIS and the 49th happiest country in the world, Tengri Life reports.

According to the Report, the Scandinavian countries filled out the top of the ‘list of happiness’, with Finland taking the top spot for the 7th consecutive year. According to one of the editors of the World Happiness Report John Helliwell, this is due to high-quality healthcare and other factors in the country.

«You will see that in Finland there are a lot of cases where people get their lost wallets back. There are a lot of people there who help each other every day,» Helliwell noted.

Kazakhstan that ranks 49th has dropped 5 positions in the ranking compared to last year. Uzbekistan that has risen to 47th position in the World Happiness Report is the happiest country in the CIS this year.

22 03 2024, 10:24
Photo source: primeminister.kz

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