Minister of Culture of Uzbekistan speaks about ‘upbringing’ of artists

“The Ministry of Culture is not a kinder nanny,” Ozodbek Nazarbekov said.

Minister of Culture of Uzbekistan Ozodbek Nazarbekov commented on the behaviour of an actor and comedian Shukurullo Isroilov, who had made an obscene gesture accidentally in front of the audience of a television show during a live broadcast, at the press conference. Nazarbekov emphasised that the Ministry of Culture does not assume the role of bringing up artists even in such a situation, reported.

After the incident, it turned out that Isroilov had made this gesture during a conflict with the cameraman. Later, he publicly apologized to the audience.

Nazarbekov emphasised that the Ministry of Culture have no right to instil good manners or spirituality in adults, especially those who are over 40-50 years old. However, the Ministry is working with the artists who have made similar mistakes and encourages them to write explanatory notes.

Uzbekistan is a democratic country, and stricter measures could cause discontent, Nazarbekov stressed. The Minister said it should be taken into consideration that each person has his own ideas about spirituality and permissible limits.

13 03 2024, 08:08
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