Kazakh expert warns of potential water reservoir failure

The Bogen water storage reservoir in Turkestan Region is causing concern of the social activist.

A well-known Kazakh agricultural expert and social activist Kirill Pavlov shared his concern about a potential failure of the Bogen water storage reservoir in Turkestan Region on his Telegram channel.

Pavlov emphasised that urgent measures must be taken to prevent a disaster. He highlighted the importance of conducting better quality work to consolidate the banks and not leaving them uncontrolled.

The social activist shared his concern about declining water levels, which could negatively affect the economy and agriculture of the region.

The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation of Kazakhstan reported on ongoing surveys and development of an overhaul project of the water storage reservoir to prevent emergencies.

In 2022, repairs were completed to improve safety of the facility using the necessary materials. Experts continue monitoring the situation and take the necessary measures to ensure safety and efficient use of water resources in the region.

12 03 2024, 08:44
Photo source: gov.kz

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