Kazakh parliamentarian proposes providing financial assistance for mothers

A member of Parliament of Kazakhstan believes that the authorities should take care of women’s health.

A member of Mazhilis of Kazakhstan Yerlan Sairov proposed providing one-time financial assistance for women in the Republic of Kazakhstan, particularly for mothers of many children, Zakon.kz reports.

Yerlan Sairov noted that pregnancy and childbirth have a significant impact on women’s health, particularly their teeth due to calcium deficiency. He highlighted the need to provide financial support for mothers of many children so that they can pay for dental treatments, given the high prices for dental treatments in the country.

Sairov said the amount of a one-time childcare benefit, which is paid in Kazakhstan nowadays, is lower than that in other countries. For example, families with 1-3 children receive 140,000 tenge. They receive 232,000 tenge for the fourth and subsequent children.

The parliamentarian said the benefit in Kazakhstan seems insufficient compared, for example, to Russia, where maternity capital is amounted to 639,000 roubles for the first child and 883,000 roubles for the second child.

11 03 2024, 08:48
Photo source: parlam.kz

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