Kyrgyzstan to build state crematoria

The work is underway in accordance with the recently adopted law.

State crematoria are to be built in the cities of Kyrgyzstan. A member of Jogorku Kenesh Marlen Mamataliev reported in detail about the plans at a press conference at Sputnik.

Mamataliev noted that the construction of crematoria is another step under the recently adopted Law On Burial and Funeral Business. One of the authors of this law is Marlen Mamataliev.

The parliamentarian explained that the cremation procedure in Kyrgyzstan will be very complicated. The consent of the deceased person’s relatives for cremation, as well as documents confirming affiliation with a religion that mandates this method of saying goodbye to the deceased are required. The State Commission for Religious Affairs will check the data and adopt a decision.

The parliamentarian said crematoria will be built in cities. Only those who professed a religion other than Islam during their lifetime will be cremated.

02 03 2024, 09:00
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