Schools in Uzbekistan to receive 300 million soums for banning phones

The Tashkent Region Khokim emphasised that not only schoolchildren, but also teachers should not be allowed to use smartphones.

Tashkent Region (Uzbekistan) Khokim Zoyir Mirzaev proposed launching the «School without a Phone» initiative in the region. He shared this idea during the meeting on education issues in Chirchik on February 27, reported.

He said educational institutions which will decide to ban using phones during class time will receive 300 million soums.

Noting that the use of smartphones in the classroom has negative effects on children’s academic performance, Mirzaev said it is important to agree on the school phone ban with schoolchildren’s parents.

Emphasising that teachers should not be allowed to use phones in their workplace, Zoyir Mirzaev said this will help teachers relieve stress and reduce the need for psychological consultation.

29 02 2024, 09:28
Photo source: Press service of the Tashkent region khokimiyat

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