Kyrgyzstan revokes registration of QIWI Bank

The National Bank told clients what to do.

The National Bank of Kyrgyzstan revoked the registration of QIWI Bank after its banking license in the Russian Federation was cancelled. This statement was made by the Head of the Department of Payment Systems of the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan at the press conference, Interfax reports. 

Aibek Sultanaliev informed that the registration of QIWI Bank as the operator of the CONTACT money transfer and payment system and the QIWI e-payment system was revoked: the reason is a similar decision of the Central Bank of Russia where QIWI Bank is registered.

The bank is liquidating its obligations to clients in compliance with insurance instruments and agreements between the payment systems and the banks of Kyrgyzstan. Sultanaliev emphasised that clients should contact the banks to get their money.

As was reported, on February 21, the Central Bank of Russia cancelled the license of QIWI Bank for violations of federal laws, including AML/CFT, and the regulations of the Central Bank. The Bank was also caught opening QIWI wallets without the owners’ consent and performing transactions from them.

29 02 2024, 09:05
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