Demand for educated migrant workers from Tajikistan set to rise, Parliament states

Requirements for schoolchildren in the Republic have been tightened.

The demand for migrant workers from Tajikistan is set to rise in the coming years. According to Chairperson of the Committee on Social Issues of the Parliament of Tajikistan Sumangul Tagoyzoda, compulsory secondary and vocational education in the country helps boost the demand for specialists from the Republic, Sputnik reports.

Tagoyzoda noted that such an education is crucial for career growth. Certified professional skills add greater value to a specialist in the labour market and, consequently, his salary.

The parliamentarian emphasised that certified professional skills contribute to better adaptation of migrants to a new environment and help them integrate into the professional community.

Schoolchildren in Tajikistan were prohibited from dropping out of school after the 9th grade. Now schoolchildren must either complete the 11th grade or go to college or technical school. Appropriate amendments to the Law on Education have been made.

27 02 2024, 13:53
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