Kazakhstan to label online ads

The regulations are developed in line with international practices.

The Order on the regulations on online advertising labelling in Kazakhstan was published on the Adilet portal, the website of the Ministry of Culture and Information, led by Aida Balaeva, reported.

The President signed the Law On Online Platforms and Online Advertising on July 10, 2023 to create a safe online environment in Kazakhstan. One of the key aspects of the Law is the regulations on online advertising labelling.

Balaeva noted that international practice shows the importance of regulating online advertising and ensuring transparency in online platforms. The labelling regulations have been tested for business compliance and conform to existing practice in the online environment of Kazakhstan.

The Minister noted that the Republic has developed the regulations in line with the practices of media companies that label advertising content. She said the aim is to disseminate this positive practice throughout the online environment of Kazakhstan.

24 02 2024, 07:51
Photo source: primeminister.kz

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