Speaker of Jogorku Kenesh demands that primary schoolchildren be taught only in Kyrgyz

In other countries, lessons are delivered in the native language.

Speaker Nurlanbek Shakiyev made the statement on the need to teach primary schoolchildren only in the state language at the meeting of Jogorku Kenesh. He emphasised that the attitude towards the Kyrgyz language must undergo a radical transformation to comply with the new Law on State Language, Sputnik reports.

Shakiev expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of results of the gradual transition to the Kyrgyz language in schools and cited the example of Kazakhstan, where lessons in 1-4 grades are delivered only in the native language.

Minister of Education and Science Dogdurkul Kendirbaeva explained that the level of knowledge of children trained in the native language is lower than that of children who study at Russian-language schools. The Minister explained this by the quality of textbooks and teaching methods.

It was proposed at the meeting to use a dual education system in Kyrgyz schools. It allows teaching some subjects in the Russian language and others in the Kyrgyz language.

23 02 2024, 08:35
Photo source: kenesh.kg

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