National Bank of Kazakhstan reports inflation slowdown

However, it rose in several regions.

Annual inflation in Kazakhstan slowed to 9.5 percent in January this year, the National Bank of the Republic reported. In December 2023, it stood at 9.8 percent.

Inflation slowed in most regions of the country. It stayed at the same level in 2 regions and rose in 3 regions. The highest annual rates were recorded in several regions, including Karaganda, Mangistau, Atyrau and East Kazakhstan.

Food inflation dropped from 8.5 percent in December last year to 8.2 percent in January. Prices of non-food products surged 8.6 percent over the year (9.1 percent in December 2023).

In January, monthly inflation rose to 0.8 percent above historical average (0.6 percent in January 2017-2021). Kazakhstan continues to have the second highest food price index in the EAEU. Though food prices in the Republic are not the highest compared to other countries in the EAEU, they are rising faster than in other countries.

19 02 2024, 07:42
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