Kazakhstan’s GDP grows about 4% in January

The capacity to achieve the GDP growth target of 6% was assessed.

Speaking at the government meeting on the social and economic development in January 2024, Deputy Prime Minister Nurlan Baybazarov reported on the main economic growth indicators, the press office of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan reports.

He noted that the economy grew at a strong pace; the overall growth rate stood at 3,9%, 3,8% in the real sector and 3,5% in the services sector. The construction, transport, warehousing, information technology, communications and manufacturing sectors demonstrated the positive dynamics.

The capacity to achieve the GDP growth target of 6% this year was assessed on the Prime Minister’s instructions, Nurlan Baybazarov said. Given the reserves identified in various sectors of the economy, this target is considered achievable. He emphasised the need to use the reserves of the manufacturing, construction, transport and agricultural sectors.

15 02 2024, 08:49
Источник фото: primeminister.kz

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