President of Kazakhstan sets priority tasks for new Cabinet of Ministers

Economic results were reviewed, and prospects were outlined.

President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev led a meeting of the new Government of Kazakhstan in Astana. According to the Telegram channel of Akorda, the key government officials, including Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov, attended the meeting. The participants discussed the achievements of the past year and plans for the future.

Noting that Kazakhstan’s economy has grown 5,1%, the President emphasised the need to maintain this trend. He urged to work more effectively, eliminate bureaucracy and take an integrated approach to economic development.

Tokayev focused on the need to improve budget and tax policies, informing about the plans to develop a new Tax Code that would maintain a balance between investors’ interests and budget needs. He announced the launch of a new investment cycle and the upcoming performance assessment of the Investment Agency.

The President highlighted the need for reforms in public procurement and the construction industry to attract investment and ensure efficient budget management. He set such key priorities for the country as economic liberalization to reduce government intervention, stimulation of industrial development and improvement of the agro-industrial sector, including efficient water management.

This week, the Government of Kazakhstan has resigned; 6 ministers have retained their positions. Olzhas Bektenov, who worked as Head of the President’s Administration, was appointed Prime Minister.

09 02 2024, 07:41
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