Kazakh authorities forecast economic growth of 5.3% this year

Inflation in Kazakhstan’s economy has more than halved.

On the instructions of President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev, the Government reviewed economic development in 2023 and presented the target GDP indicators for 2024. Now, Kazakhstan is the top recipient of foreign direct investment inflows among the CIS Member States, the press office of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan reported.

The Government is going to ‘hold’ the inflation rate at 6-8% and ensure economic growth of at least 5,3% by the end of 2024.

Kazakhstan recorded a total of $19.7 billion in foreign direct investment over the 9 months of 2023, with more than $11 billion directed to the non-resource sectors of Kazakhstan’s economy.

Together with the National Bank of the Republic and local executive bodies, the Government is working on complex measures to control and reduce inflation. As a result, inflation more than halved in 2023.

06 02 2024, 14:17
Photo source: primeminister.kz

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