Sadyr Japarov signs law on change of flag of Kyrgyzstan

The flag of Kyrgyzstan will change its design by decision of President Sadyr Japarov.

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov officially made changes to the design of the flag of the Kyrgyz Republic by approving amendments to the Law on the State Symbols. The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan approved this decision, reports.

«The law was adopted to improve one of the main state symbols of the Kyrgyz Republic — the state flag,» the press officer quotes Sadyr Japarov.

The main change is the replacement of the wave-like sun’s rays with straight lines. This decision was supported by the President in October 2023, after the parliamentarians had put forward the initiative to change the design of the flag.

Japarov noted that many people associated the previous design with a sunflower, which could be misleading to foreign nationals visiting Kyrgyzstan. The President of Kyrgyzstan emphasised that the new version of the flag will help the country gain sovereignty and independence.

In accordance with the law, all official documents with the old flag will be valid until they expire, and vehicle license plates and registration certificates will be replaced by the decision of the relevant bodies.

25 12 2023, 14:21
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