President of Kazakhstan promises to personally oversee AI implementation

Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev will meet with industry specialists.

The Altyn Sapa and Paryz Awards ceremony took place, at which President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev shared the plans to create an artificial intelligence system, the press office of the President of Kazakhstan reported on its Telegram channel.

Speaking at the ceremony, Tokayev focused on the prospects of the digital industry, the dynamic development of the IT sector and the efforts of the Government to boost digital transformation in all sectors of Kazakhstan’s economy.

The Kazakh leader spoke about the establishment of an artificial intelligence system in the Republic, noting that the future of Kazakhstan depends on the success of the work undertaken in this sphere.

Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev emphasised that he will personally oversee this work and hold meetings with foreign and domestic specialists. Furthermore, the President will monitor the fulfilment of all assigned tasks to establish the AI system.

14 12 2023, 14:44
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