Kazakhstan bans religious lectures in schools

A ban is imposed on distribution of religious literature as well.

The Majilis of Kazakhstan adopted a law that prohibits religious literature from being used in educational institutions and religious figures from visiting schools. Sputnik Kazakhstan reports that this law is aimed at protecting children from religious information that may have negative effects on their development.

A member of the Mazhilis Askhat Aimagambetov noted that a school is a secular organisation, and there should be no place for distribution of religious or other literature that may harm children. He also expressed the opinion that the law will be the basis for imposing a ban on the involvement of religious figures and the use of religious literature in schools.

According to the parliamentarian, children should be protected from religious information until they reach adulthood, as they have difficulty making an informed choice.

02 12 2023, 12:24
Photo source: liter.kz

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