Tajikistan’s imports of electric vehicles rise

In January-September, over 1,000 electric vehicles were imported.

Tajikistan’s imports of electric vehicles are growing, Sputnik reports, referring to the Department of Land Transport of the Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan. In January-September, over 1,300 electric vehicles, including subcompact cars, buses and special equipment, were imported into the Republic and underwent customs clearance.

In 2022, 767 electric cars were imported into Tajikistan. In the coming years, the authorities of Tajikistan plan to increase the share of electric vehicles to 20-30 percent of the total number of imported cars. This will be done under the electric transport development programme for 2023-2027.

With the aim of boosting the development of the electric vehicle industry, the benefits, including customs exemption, are provided to importers of electric vehicles. These measures will help reduce air pollution in the country.

Minister of Transport of Tajikistan Azim Ibrohim noted that the country spends hundreds of millions of dollars on fuel imports each year. He said Tajikistan has high power generation capacity, which makes it possible to use electric vehicles in the country.

22 11 2023, 10:24
Photo source: khovar.tj

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