Astana hosts Kazakhstan Judo Championships

Over 130,000 citizens of the country take up judo.

The Kazakhstan Judo Championships, in which 463 athletes from different regions of the Republic are taking part, is nearing completion. Following the competitions, the Kazakhstan national team for 2024 will be formed, the press office of Astana Akimat reported the details.

President of the Judo Federation of Kazakhstan Kuanyshbek Esekeyev and Chairman of the Committee for Sports and Physical Culture of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Kazakhstan Erol Myrzabosynov delivered speeches at the opening ceremony.

Myrzabosynov said 3 independent foreign referees were invited to judge the competitions, which were held at the Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov Palace of Martial Arts, and ensure the principles of fair competition in Kazakh sports.

The Chairman of the Committee noted that currently about 133,000 people throughout the country take up judo. He called them an example for the younger generation of Kazakhstan.

16 11 2023, 15:29
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