Over 5,000 children born thanks to Ansagan Sabi State Programme

The number of IVF quotas has increased sevenfold.

Deputy Minister of Health of Kazakhstan Vyacheslav Dudnik reported on the progress of the implementation of the Ansagan Sabi State Programme that offers IVF treatment to childless families in the country, the press office of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan reported the details.

Since the State Programme was launched, the total number of IVF quotas through social health insurance has increased sevenfold. This allowed providing IVF treatment to more than 20,000 women in Kazakhstan.

According to Dudnik, Ansagan Sabi has resulted in the safe birth of over 5,000 children and safe pregnancy in 8,000 women throughout the country.

The Deputy Minister of Health reported on the results of the Programme at the XV International Congress of the Kazakhstan Association of Reproductive Medicine with the theme “Modern approaches to infertility treatment. ART: Present and future”.

14 11 2023, 15:38
Photo source: primeminister.kz

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