Emomali Rahmon opens potato chip factory

The enterprise processes 20 tonnes of potatoes per day.

On October 21, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon visited Shahrinavi village, where a new factory that produces potato chips and dairy products was put into operation as part of the celebration of the 35th anniversary of independence, the press office of the President of Tajikistan reports.

The factory, built by the Zarkoron Company, is capable of processing 20 tonnes of potatoes per day and producing 8 tonnes of potato chips. The cost of the project iswas 1 million somoni; a production line was delivered from China.

The advantages of the factory include the use of fresh local potatoes, which ensures high quality and competitiveness of the products. Currently, the enterprise employs 20 people, but the number of workers can reach 60 due to the transition to a three-shift operating mode and an increase in demand.

This year, 6 potato chip factories have been built in the Republic. As of today, they have produced over 41 tonnes of potato chips.

24 10 2023, 07:19
Photo source: president.tj

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