Rahmon opens psychiatric and detoxification hospital in Kulyab zone

This is the first hospital in the Republic to provide round-the-clock care to drug abuse patients.

President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon opened a new psychiatric and detoxification hospital in the Kulyab zone. The new four-storey healthcare facility with the basement has a total area of 5,658 square metres, the press office of the President of the Republic reports.

The hospital will specialise in the treatment of substance use and mental disorders. The hospital has 40 beds and 8 departments. These include the men’s, women’s, adolescent, intensive care and forensic medical examination departments.

Modern equipment was delivered to the hospital from abroad. This includes ultrasound machines, ventilators and oxygen generators.

Patients will receive treatment around the clock. The rehabilitation period lasts from 3 days to 3 weeks. According to the press office of the President of Tajikistan, this hospital is the first of its kind in Tajikistan.

21 10 2023, 07:43
Photo source: president.tj

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