Exhaust gas emissions to be reduced in Dushanbe

The city is switching to electric vehicles and planting trees.

Dushanbe is actively involved in addressing environmental issues and reducing emissions of environmentally harmful substances into the atmosphere. The city authorities purchase electric vehicles, fine violators and plant trees as part of this work, Khovar reports.

According to the authorities, since the beginning of the year, more than 400 drivers in the capital of Tajikistan have been fined for exceeding emission standards. The city authorities develop an annual tree planting plan to bring the state of atmospheric air back to normal: it envisages planting trees and flowers and creating lawns. According to ecologists, poplar trees produce most oxygen.

The Chairman of Dushanbe signed a decree on the electrification of urban transport by 2026 as part of the Green City Programme. 104 trolleybuses and more than 700 taxis have been purchased.

According to the city administration, 623 buses, 104 trolleybuses, 1,557 minibuses and 4,350 taxis are currently registered in Dushanbe.

18 10 2023, 09:17
Photo source: freepik.com / freepik

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