Emomali Rahmon calls on citizens of Tajikistan to save resources

He congratulated citizens of the country on the Mehrgon holiday.

President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon congratulated the people of the country on the Mehrgon holiday that has special significance in culture. He said this ancient holiday symbolizes the end of the working year for farmers and the onset of the season of abundance and prosperity for every family. The full text of the congratulations was posted on the website of the President of Tajikistan.

Rahmon said Mehrgon is one of the oldest holidays inherited from ancestors, and together with such traditional holidays as Navruz, Sada and Tirgon, is considered an integral part of the national Tajik culture.

The President noted that Mehrgon is part of the national identity of the Tajik people and serves as a powerful factor for strengthening the national mentality in the age of globalization and the clash of different cultures. Emomali Rahmon also called on citizens to save resources.

17 10 2023, 07:28
Photo source: president.tj

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