20 water storage reservoirs to be built in Kazakhstan

Another 15 water storage reservoirs are to be reconstructed in the near future.

Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation of Kazakhstan Nurzhan Nurzhigitov announced the launch of construction of water storage reservoirs in the country. It is planned to reconstruct 15 existing reservoirs, build 20 new ones and modernize at least 3,500 kilometres of canals. The number of employees of basin inspectorates will be increased, the press office of the Ministry reported.

Nurzhigitov noted that groundwater is an important factor for ensuring water security, and a special working group was set up to establish the National Hydrogeological Service. Furthermore, the Ministry of Water Resources is developing a new Water Code, which addresses current issues in the industry.

The Minister said the document is drawn on international practice. The working trips to the basin inspectorates were made to identify the weaknesses of the existing legislation.

16 10 2023, 06:40
Photo source: gov.kz

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