Missiya Dobra volunteers provide medical consultation in Tajikistan

Rescuers will teach children basic first aid skills.

Volunteers arrived in Dushanbe as part of an international humanitarian programme. They include a cardiologist, an endocrinologist and instructors of the Student Rescue Corps of the Academy of Civil Defence of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. Their aim is to work effectively in several spheres and share experience with different audiences for two weeks, the Telegram channel of Rossotrudnichestvo reported.

Together with specialists from the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan, health professionals will provide consultation in four cities of the country. The volunteers of the All-Russia Student Rescue Corps from Moscow Region will conduct classes for schoolchildren and students in Dushanbe and Khojent. They will teach them how to provide first aid and use special equipment and practice their skills on first aid training manikins.

Rescuers Maria Kuznetsova and Alexey Khvorostov teach teenagers and young adults basic first aid skills. They use interactive training methods to make classes interesting and understandable. They also teach them to help their family members if something bad happens.

13 10 2023, 08:36
Photo source: rs.gov.ru

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