Two hotels put into operation in Tajik town of Bokhtar

The tourist facilities have created over 20 new jobs for local people.

Two new hotels, Vatan and Boshidan, were opened in Bokhtar town in Khatlon Region of Tajikistan. The total area of the buildings is 580 and 1,080 square metres respectively; each of them has three floors, the Khovar National News Agency reports.

A shop is located on the ground floor and the basement, and the upper floors are intended to accommodate guests in the Vatan Hotel. The Boshidan Hotel also a reception area on the ground floor, and the rooms with modern interior design are located on the two upper floors.

The hotels were built as part of effort to intensify construction and beautification works in honour of the 35th anniversary of state independence of the Republic of Tajikistan. The construction projects were implemented by local specialists. These facilities have created over 20 jobs for local people both in hotels and shops on the lower floors.

05 10 2023, 10:33
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