Tajikistan has tripled production of medical supplies

Detailed information was presented at the international forum.

The plenary sessions, including a section on the opportunities for investment in the healthcare sector and the development prospects of pharmaceutical and private medicine in the Republic took place as part of the Dushanbe 2023 Forum in Tajikistan. Representatives of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, private healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises made presentations at the section, the press office of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Tajikistan reported the details.

The Republic has been implementing the state programme since 2021 aimed at boosting growth in the pharmaceutical industry. The programme envisages exempting importers of modern pharmaceutical technologies and equipment from value added tax and customs duties.

The statistical reports were presented: 58 pharmaceutical enterprises operate in the country. They produce 560 types of medicines and medical supplies. In 2022, production of medical supplies tripled, and exports of bioactive herbal supplements increased by 63.25 million somoni.

04 10 2023, 13:37
Photo source: moh.tj

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