Kazakhstan to introduce payments to older workers in hazardous sectors

Minister of Labour of Kazakhstan Svetlana Zhakupova spoke about the plans to set up a new workplace hazard assessment system.

In Kazakhstan, more than 4,500 billion tenge, or more than 900 million rubbles have been earmarked for assistance to older people, MIR 24 reports.

The authorities of Kazakstan are planning to introduce special additional payments to workers in hazardous sectors who are over 55 years of age. A Workplace Safety Concept, which will be in force until 2030, is being developed to prevent and eliminate workplace hazards.

«In particular, it is proposed to introduce a new model of workplace hazard assessment, differentiate the insurance tariff by the levels of hazard, create a digital map of enterprises, introduce a proactive format of state control and labour protection monitoring, etc.,» the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Kazakhstan Svetlana Zhakupova said.

The Minister also noted that in 2022, about 1,500 residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan were injured at work, of them more than 200 workers received industrial injuries incompatible with life.

29 09 2023, 09:16
Photo source: kaztag.kz

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