President Japarov presents business opportunities in Kyrgyzstan for US business

The top managers of the large companies showed keen interest in the President’s proposal to implement projects in Kyrgyzstan.

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov met with the representatives of the large American financial and investment companies during his working trip to New York. The meeting brought together the top managers of the largest companies that specialise in financial services, consulting, investment management and innovative financial solutions, the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan reports.

President Japarov expressed hope for closer interaction between the two countries, noting that these companies have the unique expertise, significant investment opportunities and investment potential. He also emphasised that Kyrgyzstan has significant natural resources, energy and mineral reserves, as well as a skilled workforce.

A detailed presentation on the aspects of mutually beneficial cooperation with American partners in green economy, hydropower, IT technologies, employment and education was made during the meeting. The top managers of the American companies showed keen interest in the potential areas of cooperation and asked questions about the prospects for developing joint projects in Kyrgyzstan.

26 09 2023, 10:49
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