Medical Education Conference in Kazakhstan brings together about 2,000 participants

The event was held at an international scale.

The Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan highlighted the demand for the Academy of the 21st Century: at the forefront of medical education, science and practice International Summit among health professionals from different countries, the Department of Science and Human Resources of the Ministry reported to

The total number of participants was 1,782, including 87 speakers. Speakers were from the following countries: Israel, Republic of Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, People’s Republic of China and Japan. 94 reports were presented during 10 panel sessions of the Summit.

«The speakers included academic leaders, leading scientists and physicians from Ariel University of Israel, the Jan Evangelista Purkynė University of the Czech Republic, the Republican Šiauliai Hospital of Lithuania, BGI Genomics of China, Asan Medical Centre of South Korea, Nagasaki University of Japan, as well as experts, scientists and health professionals from the Central Asian countries and the CIS Member States — the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute and Abu Ali ibn Sino Abu Ali ibn Sina Bukhara State Medical Institute of Uzbekistan,» the Ministry of Health led by Azhar Giniyat reports.

More than 300 participants from 12 countries attended the event via videoconference. Among them were users from India, Japan, China, Pakistan, Singapore, the Central Asian countries and the CIS Member States, including Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

The Summit was broadcast in Kazakh, Russian and English on the Zoom and YouTube platforms. The number of video views on YouTube exceeded 2,000 in 3 days.

21 09 2023, 10:43
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