Migrants from Tajikistan take adaptation course in Russia

Citizens will be trained in laws and norms of behaviour in society.

Russia has developed an adaptation course for migrant workers from Central Asia, Head of the Federal Agency for Nationalities of the Russian Federation Igor Barinov said. This course can be taken in Moscow, Kaliningrad, Perm and Krasnodar, Sputnik reports.

The adaptation course for migrants comprises several disciplines, including labour laws in Russia and document processing procedures. Citizens from the CIS Member States will be also trained in norms of behaviour in society.

Currently, migrant workers are undergoing an adaptation course in several regions of Russia. The course aims to improve legal literacy of migrants and relieve tension in the migrant environment. It will facilitate adaptation and help migrant workers comply with Russian laws and integrate into the Russian cultural environment.

Earlier, RF President Vladimir Putin noted the need to study practices of Western countries, where dangerous ghettos began to appear due to the growing number of migrants.

18 09 2023, 09:58
photo source: er-gosduma.ru

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