Uzbekistan Airways celebrates 30th anniversary of cooperation with Lufthansa Technik

Director of the Uzbek company Marat Latipov emphasised that the companies have gained fascinating achievements through fruitful cooperation during this period.

On September 13, the festive event marking the 30th anniversary of cooperation between Uzbekistan Airways and Lufthansa Technik AG took place at Uzbekistan Airways Technics. The event brought together representatives of the two companies, who celebrated the achievements and benefits of partnerships, the press office of Uzbekistan Airways reported to

The history of cooperation began 30 years ago, when the employees of the Uzbekistan Airways Technics aircraft repair plant underwent training at the German company.

Speaking at the anniversary event, Uzbekistan Airways Director Marat Latipov expressed profound gratitude to Lufthansa Technik AG for fruitful partnerships. He emphasised that significant achievements have been gained, and innovative aircraft repair solutions have been developed over 30 years.

Speaking at the event, Chairman of the Board of Uzbekistan Airways Shukhrat Khudaykulov highlighted the importance of partnerships with Lufthansa Technik AG. He noted that these relations have become mutually beneficial and proved successful for Uzbekistan’s aviation industry. Khudaykulov thanked the German company for cooperation and expressed hope for continued successful cooperation.

16 09 2023, 15:12
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