Classrooms named after heroes of Tajikistan opened at Russian-Tajik school in Dushanbe

Six names were selected.

The classrooms named after the renowned heroes of the Republic of Tajikistan were opened at Yu. Gagarin School in Dushanbe, the website of the educational institution reports.

Six classrooms were named after the outstanding scientists, writers and politicians of Tajikistan. They are Bobojon Gafurov, Sadriddin Aini, Mirzo Tursun-Zade, Nusratullo Makhsum, Shirinsho Shotemur and Emomali Rahmon.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, RF Ambassador Semyon Grigoriev highlighted the importance of the event, as the heroes of Tajikistan are not only great poets, scientists and politicians who lived and worked in the country, but also glorious representatives of the large and strong country that was one for all.

Principal Vladimir Gudkov emphasised that this step will help schoolchildren study the history of their country and better understand its past and present. Representatives of the school and the Ministry of Education of Tajikistan said this initiative not only contributes to a thorough study of history, but also increases creative and historical thinking and fosters patriotism.

11 09 2023, 09:21
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