Tajikistan hosts All-Republics Contest “Shining Dawn of Wisdom – a Book”

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan Matlubahon Sattoriyon visited Sughd Region to monitor the third round of the All-Republics Contest «Shining Dawn of Wisdom — a Book», the Khovar National News Agency reports.

According to the Additional Education Centre in Sughd Region, the competitions started on August 14 at the Presidential school for gifted children in Buston town. The programme includes the competitions in children’s and adolescent literature, oral works, Tajik classical and modern literature, world literature, poetry and prose, among other fields.

Matlubahon Sattoriyon monitored the participation and evaluations of the jury in various nominations during her visit. She emphasised the importance of ensuring transparency and fairness in the contest that helps to find talents in the region and throughout the country.

24 08 2023, 09:52
photo source: khabarikhush.tj

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