Uzbekistan to sell milk that kills COVID-19

After all the necessary experiments are completed, other immune dairy products will be produced.

The Uzbek company Panaev Farms has started producing pasteurized milk that can kill the coronavirus, the press office of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovations of the Republic reported to

The work on the technology started in 2021. Initially, the Agency for Innovative Development of Uzbekistan worked to create immune milk, and specialists from the Medical University of Vienna assisted the Agency in this work.

The scientists vaccinated breeding cows and goats owned by Panaev Farms with the Uzbek-Chinese coronavirus vaccine ZF-UZ-VAC2001. The experiments showed that their immune system began to produce serum antibodies after two weeks. This work resulted in creating pasteurized milk that retains the effect of killing the coronavirus. The company plans to produce other immune dairy products in the future.

18 08 2023, 12:08
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